General Toshevo Municipality is located in the Northeastern part of Bulgaria, Dobrich district. Population of about 15,000 people. Settlements: 41/1 town and 40 villages. It is located in 40-50km from the popular seaside resorts and landmarks – Albena Resort, Balchik, Kavarna, Shabla, Cape Kaliakra.

The Municipality of Murfatlar is located in the region of Constanta in the southeastern part of the Republic of Romania. The village of Siminok is in the administrative part of Murfatlar. Population – 13,000 people. It is located 15-20 km from the seaside resorts – Constanta, Mamaia, Navodari, Eforia.

Both municipalities have rich cultural, historical and natural heritage – protected areas, nature reserves and landmarks. Main cultural and natural sites and tourist attractions in the cross-border region:

– In the Municipality of General Toshevo – History Museum – General Toshevo, with two branches – Museum collections “Yordan Yovkov” – Krasen village and “Dora Gabe” – Dubovik village; The Church of St. Nicholas Summer opened its doors in 1860 and the church of St. Dimitar; 6 cultural centers; Cultural Memorial – Jordan Yovkov High School, opened in 1909; 7 protected areas and Natura 2000 sites – Rositsa – Loznitsa, Bezhanovo, Kardam, Kraymorska Dobrudzha, Chairya, Dryan Dam; Registered houses for rural and eco tourism.

– in Murfatlar Municipality – Rock Monastery / Complex / – National Monument of Culture; Wine Museum, founded in 1970; Fontanita-Murfatlar Nature Reserve and Cretaceous Lake; The estate of Michael Kogalnicanu; Danube Canal – Black Sea; Cultural Center; Two temples and cultural monuments.

The enchantment of Dobrudja – The nature and history of Dobrudja – Colours and scents in your hands


Sightseeing in General Toshevo Municipality. Objects and attractions.

Sightseeing in Murfatlar Municipality. Objects and attractions.

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