Main activities

  • Preparation of studies and strategy in the field of common conservation, development and sustainable use of cultural and natural heritage;
    In the framework of the planned 2 studies and a joint strategy, emphasis will be placed on the development of cultural and cognitive, rural and environmental tourism as well as new tourist attractions related to the intangible heritage. Object of the strategy will be the wine tourism already established in the Municipality of Murfatlar.
  • Encouragement and development of intangible cultural heritage and promotion of cultural and natural heritage;
  • Raising awareness of the conservation, promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage. Raising the interest of children and young people in the cultural, historical and natural heritage;
  • Modernization / reconstruction of sites related to cultural and natural heritage. Improving the functionality of the sites and creating a small tourist infrastructure.
  • Delivery of modern equipment for the sites and introduction of innovative technologies.
  • Development of common tourism products and services. The development of tourism and entrepreneurship.
  • Two joint albums will be realized respectively for the natural and cultural heritage.