Thematic Summer Camp “Common Past and Shared Heritage”

General Toshevo - Balchik

During the thematic camps, exhibitions were organized and a film was made for each camp.
A competition is announced: “Cultural and Natural Heritage of Dobrudja”.
Camp participants can:
– to create a poster, drawing or multimedia presentation
– Photos, video of sites and landmarks of the region, or events and activities during camp.
The exhibition will be exhibited during the next project events – seminar and tourist forum. The best performing students will be invited to participate in the tourist forums and awarded.
Organized visits to ethnographic exhibitions, museums, sightseeing:
– Museum of наследство“ в Мурфатлар, организирана на 3 май 2019 г. “, History – Gen. Toshevo
– Museum of History and Ethnography – Balchik.
– The Palace in Balchik and the Botanical Garden
– Murfatlar House of Culture.
– The monastery ”St. Theotimus ”in Murfatlar
– The Murfatlar Rock Complex (Limestone Churches)
– Fontanica Nature Reserve in Murfatlar
During the camp, a “Day of Cultural Diversity” was held, performing folk and contemporary songs and dances; an exhibition of photographs, souvenirs, posters made by students; presentation of presentations.