Youth Round Table in General Toshevo, organized on 3rd of May 2019

General Toshevo

“Presentation of the goals and activities of the project and contemporary trends for the development of tourism and the popularization of the cultural and historical and natural heritage”.

The event were targeting young people from the two partner towns, General Toshevo and Murfatlar. The event included presentations of the project, technical presentations on the very topic of the event, for the role young people may play further in the project, an active participation of the participants, debates and sharing of ideas and thoughts. 32 participants attended the event, out of which 30 young people from General Toshevo and Murfatlar, 15 from each partner, and 2 teachers accompanying them.
The presentation was delivered by one of the contracted speakers, Mr. Krasen Rusev. participants’ general satisfaction with the information received, activities of the event and organisation.
Information and communication materials were distributed to participants (including the printed event presentations and notebooks placed in cardboards, ball-point pens, hats, and T-shirts).